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Nobody would ever make a deal to be able to speak a language fluently, if it meant they could never talk to anyone, read a book, or watch a film in the language. We don’t learn a language to be able to know it, but to communicate. This is the truth which lies behind Select’s central mission -to teach you to use a language, and not just to know it.

Our trainers select and prepare course materials with the particular learning aims of their students in mind. If you have had enough of studying the language, and you want to learn the language, then Select Training Solutions have two options for you to choose from.



Some of us work better as part of a group. We can share knowledge and experiences, we can support each other, and sometimes it’s just nice to meet other people! Our group courses are still organised to be as effective as possible, with trainers working together with the groups to prepare the most interesting, most effective and most relevant course for your group. Our Course Advisor ensures that the classes are as comfortable and convenient as possible, while contact with our Academic Coordinator ensures that each student is increasing their language skills together with the group.


For more details, please contact our Administration Specialist:

Anna Chrzanowska, tel: (12) 616 21 41, e-mail:


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2One to One


Finally, your language progress will be treated with the attention it deserves by professional who want you to use the language as much as you! Following consultation with our Client Advisor, your language abilities will be tested, and your trainer will prepare a course for you alone, which will cover the vocabulary and functions which you want and need, and will cover topics in which you yourself are interested. Language sessions take place at times and in places that suit you, and throughout the course you have contact with your trainer, Client Advisor and Academic Coordinator, as well as having all material prepared and supplied for you.


For more details, please contact our Client Manager:
Katarzyna Zdechlik, tel: (12) 616 21 41, e-mail:

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3Spring – Summer 2020


We are currently recruiting students for spring/summer 2020.

Group courses:


  • Weekend lessons, Upper-Intermediate B2, Everyday and Business English, focusing on conversation and practical language – Saturday, 8:30 – 10:30
  • Weekday lessons, Intermediate B1, Everyday and Business English, focusing on conversation and practical language – Wednesday, 17:30 – 19:30


  • Weekday lessons, Intermediate B1, Everyday and Business English, focusing on conversation and practical language – Wednesday, 17:30 – 19:30


Price: 450zł per season (30 hours)

Price includes all training materials


For more details, please contact our Client Advisor:

tel: (12) 616 21 41, e-mail:

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4SELECT Language for Specific Purposes


Select’s approach to learning a language –identifying and prioritising the individual needs of a particular group or student, and collaborating to create a unique, effective and relevant course- is ideally suited to instruction of a Language for Specific Purposes, a fact which has been proved many times over in our years on the Krakow market. Depending on the client’s needs, Select Training Standards is able to prepare a course where the participants will immediately learn phrases and structures which can be put into practice immediately after the lesson, which maximises both efficiency and quality of instruction.

Select Training Solutions has experience in language training for Property Management, Drivers, Accountants, Hospitality workers, Sales Staff, Airport Management and more.


For consultation on designing and delivering a course for your profession, please contact our Client Manager:
Katarzyna Zdechlik: (12) 616 21 41, e-mail:

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5SELECT for Students


Once again showing that we are pro-active in our approach to the needs of our customers, Select Training Solutions has prepared a program that caters for the students of Krakow’s biggest centres of learning. It can be difficult to combine studies, family life and preparing for a career with learning a language. This is why Select approached the student councils of the largest Universities in Krakow, in an effort to allow students to join language courses that offer the quality and innovation of our language training at their places of study.


At present, Select Training Solutions cooperates with the Student Councils at the following universities:

  • Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica w Krakowie
  • Uniwersytet Rolniczy im. Hugona Kołłątaja w Krakowie
  • Uniwersytet Papieski m. Jana Pawła II w Krakowie
  • Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego im. Bronisława Czecha W Krakowie


If you would like to join a group at your place of study, or if you would like your student council to start cooperating with Select Training Solutions, call us at:

(12) 616 21 41 or e-mail


We cooperate with AIESEC, the largest student organisation in the world, with over 60 000 members in over 110 countries. Select Training Solutions provides language competence testing for all of Krakow’s AIESEC members who wish to take part in overseas exchanges or internships.

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6Our students said about us


This is what our students have to say about us:

  • „The teacher is great: she’s very nice, well-prepared for lessons, and explains thing very clearly. The lessons and material are different and interesting..”
  • “The best English classes I have ever attended. Nice and friendly atmosphere, interesting topics. Always well prepared.”
  • “I find the English classes interesting, well prepared and engaging. The atmosphere during the classes is very friendly and relaxed; the teacher tries to make sure everyone is active. What I value mostly is the focus on the vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking skills rather than on grammar.”
  • „I find them super, I really like the way the lessons are run. I particularly like the way we review the material a week later, so that the knowledge becomes permanent. Apart from that, our teacher is nice; she motivates the group well, and doesn’t shy away from the important things.”
  • “I think our German teacher is very good. At the beginning of classes, she asked us what we wanted to do during our meetings – and she has adapted our requirements for classes. During our meetings we read and listen to texts, discuss some important (work related) issues, have conversations, do some grammatical exercises, always learn some new words etc.- it is never boring.”
  • „Overall I have a very positive opinion of the motivation and expertise of the teacher. He’s always well-prepared for the lesson, and is able to answer all of our questions.”