About us

Select Training Solutions was established with one very simple mission at its heart:

To put the needs of the learners first and the needs of the business last.

We listen to our students, even before they become our students. Whether our client is a multinational corporation who wants their sales department to deal with American customers better on the telephone, or someone looking to improve their conversational Russian, our first step is to discuss what they want to achieve. Then, our Training team, led by our Academic Coordinator, will prepare a course plan which deals with all the necessary skills through topics which touch on the students’ own defined areas of interests.

Throughout your course, the driving question in everything we do is if it will help the student to learn to use what they have learnt. A key factor in this is to ensure our trainers are not only experienced and qualified, but satisfied and content to cooperate with a given group or individual. As we always say, make sure that there are happy students and happy trainers in the room at the same time, and the rest will follow.

At Select Training Solutions, we teach people to use languages, not to learn them.

We are an ETS-certified TOEFL Test Centre.


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1SELECT method


Select was founded with the belief that there is no one perfect course book for any group. The needs, abilities, problems, interests and tastes of one person are different from another. Similarly, no organisation is exactly the same as your organisation. For this reason, nobody can tell you that they have the answers to your problems, if they don’t know what your problems are. Nobody can tell you that they can resolve your issues, if they don’t know the reasons behind your issues. And nobody can tell you how to get to where you want to be, if they don’t find out where you are.

This is why Select Training Solutions takes an individual approach with every client.

Upon contact, our Client Advisor will discuss your case and consult with you to establish the priorities in any training project or language course which will be delivered. When it is clear what the goals are, the current abilities of future participants are established through online tests and face-to-face meetings with our trainers. Based upon these factors, the Client Advisor will present a plan for each individual group, prepared for your specific requirements, and to meet your specific needs, in a timeframe that suits you.

For delivery of the Courses, our trainers will prepare a list of objectives, a syllabus for your groups, and will prepare and provide materials which best suit the participants at their given level of ability, within their common range of interest, and above all, on a topic which is of use to them. Our qualified and experienced trainers ensure that, though a blend of different media, techniques and methodology, the participants’ experience the language as it is used, and in different contexts. At Select, the result is being able to use what you have learned, not just to know it.

At Select Training solutions, we practice what we preach, and for us, the most important factor is quality of training. For this reason, we regularly test students’ progress throughout a course, and our trainers frequently meet and consult with our Academic Coordinator. In addition, wherever possible, we encourage clients to give feedback, and to take an active part in improving and enhancing their experiences on the course, to ensure that Select Training Solutions remains at the cutting edge of Business Communication and Language Training.

2Languages at SELECT


Ever attentive to the growing needs of the market, we are constantly expanding the range of languages in which you or your staff can undergo training.

At present, Select Training Solutions provides language training in the following languages:

  • English,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  • Italian,
  • French,
  • Russian,
  • Hungarian,
  • Dutch,
  • Flemish,
  • Ukrainian.

3SELECT Trainers


At Select Training Solutions, we believe that the immediate, practical application of newly-gained knowledge and skills is of the highest priority, and we value trainers who share this outlook. For this reason, we only work with trainers who have the necessary qualifications and experience to guide their students to reach their desired goals. All of our trainers have experience in business, which allows them to better analyse the practical needs of their participants. Above all, the relationship between a trainer and a student is a special one, which is why Select Training Solutions ensures first and foremost that work with the kind of people who like to work with people.